Selective eating disorder

How to deal with selective eating disorder--a form of eating disorder in which very few foods will be consumed due to sensory issues or phobias

Right now there doesn't seem to be a lot of evidence-based treatment for ARFID...For example, treatment for a child with a history of anxiety, who has always eaten typically and well, but who is suddenly scared to swallow ALL food due to a bad choking incident, would be different than treatment for a child who has always been a severe selective eater due to sensory issues, but who is perfectly happy to eat foods he likes.

My experience has been with my son, who was a moderate selective eater all his life; but then things slowly got more and more selective around the age of 8.   At 13 I put my mind to the problem and slowly this past year I have been bringing his appetite back.

I think that ARFID due to selective eating is a very different case than ARFID for other reasons, and of course quite different from anorexia.