Relapses and Slips

Thoughts on how relapses begin - MelstevUK and distancia
"I personally don't think that relapses start by patients deliberately starting restricting again in an attempt to lose weight.  I think they maybe just eat less because they think they are ok, or maybe they don't feel particularly hungry on one occasion, and then little by little the whole cycle just creeps up on them again..."
"...d really was doing so well for so long that she got complacent.  She started acting like a normal college kid.  I think every missed calorie ratcheted her 'fullness cues' down...that that part of her brain reacted a tiny bit each time, so subtly that she was sure she was eating the same way, even though she wasn't.  She was *SHOCK!* twelve pounds under her range.   She wanted the chance to put the weight on by herself.  She has gained ten pounds in five weeks!  This relapse might be the BEST thing to happen to us!"