Clinical definition of PTSD -- Neverloseheart
"I was quite literally moderately anxious 24/7 and would switch into full-blown fight or flight mode automatically at the slightest provocation...All I could really do was refuse to actively participate there and wait until I got dropped off on the beach again.  I guess you'd call this pretending to be calm.  After a while I could usually will myself to remain calm (counting to ten, deep breaths, these things began to actually help and not merely give me something to do while I waited) and I could sort of mostly sidestep the anxiety.  After a while the anxiety and panic weren't automatic anymore.  I think of it as do-it-yourself CBT."
Lost time -- mamabear
"I wish my D really got to be a 9,10,11 year old girl. I wish this never would have happened. But I appreciate EVERY FREAKING SECOND of every day now."