Recovery stories

Zeri posts her daughter's recovery at one year and at 22 months
    "I post this update to offer hope to all who are still in the refeeding trenches and to those whose loved ones are weight recovered but not fully brain recovered.  And if anyone is reading this who hasn't yet 'ripped off the band aid' in refeeding, what are you waiting for?  Life is precious and time is a wastin'."
This day in history -- Colleen shares the third anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, the day she discovered her daughter's ED
    "I used to think of May 5 as the worst day of my life--the day my life and our family life went to hell.  But now I think it was the best day of my life.  The BEST!  My d was already in hell.  May 5 was the day I was summoned to go get her.  What if May 5 hadn't happened?  I am SO GRATEFUL for May 5!!  It was the day that my beloved daughter stopped dying."
Sending Hope -- Bee shares wisdom gained as her 14-year-old recovered from anorexia
    "Every calorie counts...Tomorrow is another day and you can start again (be it w/ food, w/ patience, w/ NON negotiation stance)...Love your child - I kept a  favorite picture of her posted and looked at it many, many, many times and repeated "That is the daughter I know & love and she is in there somewhere"...QTIP - quit taking it personally  - ED wants you to, but don't do it!"