Honesty is not a realistic expectation; it is not a lack of moral fiber -- Laura Collins
"Things got a lot easier, less frustrating, and less emotional and moralistic when we just threw out the idea of "honesty" when it came to ED."
"Telling them off and being authoritarian would be add to their shame and anxiety.  Eventually I decided my role was to help my kid de-escalate and calm down."


Emotional Anorexia

How to overcome the hostility common in ED recovery, especially towards mom.  Three posts from Colleen.

"My goal in all these strategies was to keep challenging her distorted thoughts about me--thoughts that were as distorted as her thoughts about food had been."

"Here are some of the things that went into my thought process as I was trying to figure out how best to tackle our d's hostility."

"I envision the therapist having a plan of exposure whereby d and I would sit in her office and do something progressively normal/intimate."