Exercise compulsion

Stopping exercise is not always a concern for clinicians - Lydia from the 2010 thread Replacing 4-mile run with what?*
The first thing though, is this-- most families are told by eds providers that exercise helps with stress management.  We bought into that, so I wouldn't want any parent to feel shamed or blamed for accepting this advice.... Having lived with a d who was overwhelmed by her ed, we learned some things the hard way, and I'm afraid at great cost to her long term health. It's only in hindsight that I realize we had to suspend disbelief to buy into this, because ALL of the obvious evidence of our d's suffering was to the contrary...

Stopping all exercise as a way to extinguish compulsive behaviors - Midwestmom from the 2010 thread Replacing 4-mile run with what?*
I no longer believe that exercise is a valuable form of stress reduction for anorexics, and I have absolutely no regrets for cutting our daughter off from it.  It is simply another way to purge.
Stopping a young girl from exercising – Maria from the 2009 thread "Exercise Purging"
When my kids were toddlers I ran around stopping them from potential danger, even when they kicked, screamed and threw a tantrum. As the mother of a d who was 9-11 when we dealt with AN and extreme exercise compulsion, I am telling you that it is exactly the SAME concept.

Breaking the exercise compulsion - Zeri from the 2009 thread "Exercise Purging"

We literally did follow our d around all day for the first week or so.  It wasn't practical for us, but it was necessary.
“Advice about exercise” thread – and hair loss and vegetarianism
I want to give some advice to parents wondering if they should let their child try out / participate in sports post weight restoration.  I am not an expert on the issue. I am the Mom of a child who was exercise compulsive with RAN. This is what I have learned, what I wished that I would have done and what I am doing now as a result of a dip in weight due to medication and illness. I am doing now what I wished I would have had the courage to say and do 5 years ago.


*The thread Replacing 4-mile run with what? also contains links to clinical research studies on exercise compulsion and eating disorders.