Resistance to treatment

    "Over the years I've noticed that balking at treatment at several points along the way - even the best treatment possible - is the norm and to be expected. It isn't unusual, and as loved ones we have to be like the treatment team: steadfast regardless. "
    "Since she has been an adult on her own, we haven't been able to "make" her do anything. However, since my H and I discovered this forum 2 years ago, she has received evidence-based treatment during a 6 month treatment study, we had her admitted to in-patient at a hospital against her will (she signed herself in the next day), and got her to do a short residential stint. Now she is seeing a cognitive-behavioral therapist, which is the only evidence-based treatment for her kind of ED, binge eating disorder. ALL of these things are things she had previously sworn up and down that she would never do."