Emergency situations

When an adult child refuses treatment -- many good suggestions and situations from parents of adult children when all else fails
    Laura Collins:
"I feel there are still two choices - ones that are awful but still available. One is to refuse to have the loved one at home: refuse to take them home from the doctor. The other is to leave the house myself to refuse to participate...if I am there then compliance is non-negotiable...I've met too many bereaved families who regretted not just what they did, but what they didn't do."
"I think that no matter what situation the parent finds themselves in, it's always best to think about what they CAN do to help and not focus on what they CANNOT do."


 "...we may only have a choice not to collude with ED even though doing so may be incredibly heartwrenching."

1. I would try to keep my daughter in the home, rather than in the hospital, unless I was convinced that the hospital was a good ED specialty place like her last IP hospital.


2. If the loved one is in the home and I or others in the home could not get her to eat, I would try to call in a specialty nurse from Visiting Nurses - requesting someone who has had experience with food refusal or better yet, eating disorder patients

"I'd try everything, and then everything again, and I wouldn't stop until I got some help."